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In one of the few instances of something beneficial coming along for those interested in figuring out what is happening the in US of A, some old books are being preserved by a few groups on the internet. These books are windows into the past and help explain the original system of law of the USA. The links to the sources of these books are provided here as well as this mirror site to obtain them. As time permits, these books will be reviewed.

The United States Unmasked (Two editions combined, 1878 & 1879) by Gabriel Manigault

"A search into the causes of the rise and progress of these States, and an exposure of their present material and moral condition. With additions and corrections by the author."

Available as an online readable document.

Also available as a text file which is searchable but has no page numbers from the original book.

However, a fully restored copy of this book is available in Word document form and is suitable for printing. His first printing has been updated in this restoration with the following year's revision to include everything written under this title by this author. Many typographical errors have been corrected but the British spelling of his words has been retained.

The title and description of this book, given by the author, hardly indicates the subject matter it will cover. Manigault was an Englishman and begins his book with the stinging observation, "For a people may fall into such a condition, that the grossest offence you can give them, is to tell them the truth of themselves." He takes up the history of the United States prior to and thereafter its Civil War. No battles are discussed, no military strategies described nor any brave General or Soldier mentioned. Presidential candidates at the time of the impending war are not even mentioned by name. Instead, Manigault examines the moral fiber of the American public and their political mischief which will ultimately ruin their Nation.

The author begins with the pristine and historically rare condition of the origin of the US, examines the origin and decline of the public's notion of valid use of government, introduces Negro slavery in relation to conditions in the South and the North, expounds on the cause of Secession of the Southern States, the effects of the War on the whole Nation, the political and social condition of the US and the vastness of its Debt. Each chapter concludes with an equally stinging rebuke as his opening observation. The book concludes with his most grave question.

Although the book is not the ultimate and final understanding of our present situation, it provides much material and insight to further our discussions. It is a "must read" to know more about both sides of the issues thrown about today.

History of the Thirty-Ninth Congress of the United States (1876) by William H. Barnes, A.M.

Available as a PDF file.

Also available as a text file which is searchable but has no page numbers from the original book.

A Treatise on the Right of Personal Liberty and on the Writ of Habeas Corpus and the practice connected with it with a view of the law of Extradiction of Fugitives (1876) by Rollin Carlos Hurd with notes by Frank Hunt Hurd. I think the first edition was published just prior to the Civil War.

Did you know there was a card game going on? Did you know you were in it? Did you know you were loosing your life, liberty and property in this game? Did you know that your enemy has a handful of extremely powerful cards? Did you know that you have a handful of cards, too? Did you know that for every card your enemy has, you have a card which can trump it?

Habeas Corpus is one of the most fundamental tools in a Citizen's defense against oppressive government. You can't play the game if you don't know the rules. Hurd on Habeas Corpus describes the process, how it is supposed to work, how your enemy will attempt to foil you and what you can do to negate your enemy's ploy.

Mirror on this site This .pdf file cannot be searched but the online version at books.google.com can:

Original file on books.google.com

The Middle Period (1817 - 1858) by John William Burgess. The author's admitted purpose of this book is to document every detail of US history which led up to the Civil War. He has done a good job but a future review of his book will describe a few topics which have been treated lightly or omitted altogether. The lead-up to the Civil War was stretching the understanding of our Constitution and politicians took the People into uncharted territory where perhaps good intentions, foolishness and malice combined to produce nothing more than a social experiment gone wrong; but, the effects of Reconstruction continue to mature and every fear is being confirmed of intent to alter and abolish the Nation of our Forefathers. The Civil War period was a fork in the road for our Nation and this book is a terrific introduction to the issues leading up to it.

Mirror on this site

Original file on books.google.com

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