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From: Robert Wangrud

You need to study the Due Process the court is exercising. There's a big difference between a Due Process governed by the Principals of the Common-Law and a due Process not governed by the principals of the common-Law. If you want to see a judge get paranoid this issue will do it.

I have shown on this list how the due process of the 14th Amendment was forced into the Oregon court system and what courts possess this due process. These courts were created by law to give standing to Federal citizens to enforce their federal statutory rights in a state court system, that only had Constitutional Court systems, which did not recognize that federal citizens had standing before these Constitutional Courts.

For example a federal citizen has the statutory right to drive a motor vehicle as long as he has a driver's license to do so. A federal citizen has a statutory right to own a motor vehicle. So on and so on. Of course a federal citizen's statutory right to these things can be revoked at any time. As I said check out the Due Process clause of the 14th Amendment. Once you understand this issue you will understand the judges actions more clearly.

State judges are scared to death of being charged with violating the due process clause of the 14th Amendment. In the beginning Oregon set up a new Court [created by law] to hear all issues under the due process clause of the 14th Amendment [District Court]. Your state did too. Realize Unalienable Rights are not recognized in these Courts not governed by the principals of the Common-Law, only statutory rights [civil rights] granted by their "god" Congress are recognized. You should check into the Constitutional Court system in your state, and find out who has standing before these courts.

Robert Wangrud.