From: Robert Wangrud


By Special Appearance

I - Questions Presented

1. Is Accused, a United States Citizen, by definition of the Original United States Constitution, domiciled in Oregon?

2. Are Accused's God given inalienable rights protected from governmental abuse? ***

II - Argument

The Articles of Confederation made by the original 13 colo nies stated who the sovereign or governing body is to be in the United States. The designation was Free White Persons.

Subsequently a convention was called by the colonies to rehabilitate the inadequacies of the confederation which led to the creation and adoption of the Constitution of the United States. The Preamble states the intent of the United States Constitution, which is, to "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity". "Ourselves and our Posterity" are free white nation (race) as evidenced by the previous Articles of Confederation. The first constitution of the Original 13 states also testify that free white persons are those referred to as "We the People" in the Preamble.

The Immigration and Naturalization Acts that the Congress of the United States made after the adoption of the Constitution, from 1790 to 1828, reflect this common sentiment of Law designating only free white persons to become United States Citizens to preserve the ruling class as originally designated.

The Oregon Constitution also recognized this well established principle and conformed to it by designating only free white persons to vote and be counted for representation in the Oregon Legislature.

Therefore, it is well established that a free white person, when naturally born in the United States, as originally designated, without necessity to acquire privilege or license of citizenship by the 14th amendment or its law of nations requirements.

Accused has evidenced, by exhibits here attached, that not only is the Accused a white person, but also free, that is to say, without boon, benefit, or franchise, i.e. privilege.

Requiring no privilege, Accused has waived no rights whatsoever where the several governments might take action upon Accused.

And Plaintiff has produced no evidence of any waiver of rights contrary to Accused's claim of protection of rights existing in the Original United States Constitution, its Original Bill of Rights, and the Original Oregon Constitution. ***

III - Conclusion

Therefore, it is established by the foregoing past history and the Organic Law (the Original Constitution) that Accused is a United States Citizen in the original sense and has the ability and proper status to assert and claim the protection of rights of the Organic Law of the Original United states Constitution, and being domiciled in Oregon can also claim protection of rights made by the Original Oregon Constitution, and this court should as a matter of Law take Judicial Notice thereof. ///