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Behold! Newsletter - August 1988
by Randy L. Geiszler
Copyright August 1988

The scheme propagated under Franklin D. Roosevelt to reduce the united States of America to a communist nation includes the destruction of effective government at the County level. No wonder, since County government was where the common law rights of the individual Citizen were most entrenched. The tyranny of the socialist scheme propagated under FDR, we are experiencing was not to transcend the County according to the Ancient common law. "American Government", by Magruder, 1947, p. 561, reveals the disdain the socialists have for county government.

"Reorganization of County Government. - Franklin D. Roosevelt recently made the statement that 'county government is no more fit for its purpose today than an ox-cart would be fit for the task of supplying modern transportation between New York and Chicago.' And indeed there are many criticisms of county government, among them being the following:

"1. There is no one to take full responsibility because of so many elected and independent officers."

Translation: We cannot put our finger on any given individual to enforce our unconstitutional and usurpatious New Deal plan.

"2. This means that local politics, instead of the merit system, too often control."

Translation: The People have control of their officials in the county so the merit system we have designed to foster communism will not be effective.

"3. The management of funds and finances is so poor that nearly 2000 local governments went into bankruptcy in the United States in 1933-1934."

Translation: We have succeeded in destroying 2000 local governments financially in 1933-1934, but their going into bankruptcy has insulated them from the communist scheme.

"4. The county as a unit is so small, as a rule, that it does not correspond to the social and economic problems of today."

Translation: County government, being so small,is too close to the People. It is a unit of sovereignty that the People can directly control that interferes with our implementing communist solutions to social and economic problems.

"5. There is much confusion as to the proper functions of the county; its relation to the State; and its relation to the city."

Translation: The function of the County prevents us from imposing our communist plans through the State legislature or incorporated cities even when we make solid deals with them for federal funding to obtain control, and it's too confusing to figure out how to get around the county governments from State to State.

"Many movements are under way for county government reform, and the leading one is the proposal of the county manager plan."

County government has all but been destroyed in the several States since the book "American Government" was published. Maybe now you can see why it was so important for the anti-Christ communists to put down County government. The County when properly functioning has a sovereign character of its own. It is a basic unit of government under the Ancient Common Law, intended to preserve, through the ability of self determination, the liberty of the Citizen. Even the fourteenth amendment wasn't intended to affect County government. In the County, the People are a separate unit of sovereignty, comparative to a State in the Union of States.

With County government intact Congress would play hell trying to affect "We the People" through the State legislatures, incorporated cities and towns or federal agencies. Maybe it's time you took a closer look at destruction of County government and its relation to the destruction of the Peoples sovereignty as States in the Union.

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